Home School Programs

At Artful Expressions at Moe's, we provide educationally based art lessons for your homeschooled child(ren) with an experienced and caring instructor. Children sometimes miss out on the beauty of art in a homeschool environment and we are happy to offer them the chance to be creative in a paint studio with tons of outlets.
We’ve designed a curriculum that addresses the specific needs of your children. We believe learning Art in a setting with other children can teach them to see the world through an artist’s eye, while also using their imagination to create their own works of art.
We will introduce your students to many different techniques and help to build on your own child's creativity.Students will learn the different styles of art and will be given an opportunity to make their own choices when creating pieces of artwork. Students, at times, may also collaborate with other students in group art projects.
Our homeschool programs start off with an art project that involves so many different forms of media, such as acrylics, wood, ceramics, etc. The teacher will teach on different aspects throughout the project and how it relates to our finished piece of artwork. Cost is $252 (equals $28 a week) per a child for the 9-week curriculum (a 2 hour class per week for 9 weeks).

*Classes will have intermittent breaks so the students can move around. Moe's Custom Graphics also has video cameras with sound inside the location, cameras around the building and a number system for the safety of your children.